Closet Organization & Free Wardrobe Consultation


Designed to beautify your closet space, organize, and maximize your wardrobe.  My four-step process makes it fun and easy to feel good about the most important room in the house.

Step 1. The Big Picture

After discussing your personal closet and styling goals we’ll take inventory of your entire wardrobe: weeding out old and unused items that are causing clutter, and finding hidden gems you forgot you owned.

Step 2. Order out of Chaos

Now, with a clear picture of your wardrobe, I can get to work on maximizing your closet’s potential.  I will rearrange your clothing, shoes, purses, and accessories so that they're easily accessible Your closet will be merchandised impeccably, custom tailored to your everyday needs.

Step 3. Recycle

We will donate the clothes you no longer need or look to sell them on consignment.

Step 4. Fill in the Blank
After having sorted through what you already own, our final step is to identify exactly what you need to perfect your wardrobe. This will allow us to focus our future shopping on the specific pieces you need to fill the gaps in your wardrobe and illuminate your look.


Personal shopping


Applying expert advice on your personal vision is the easiest and most inexpensive way to achieve the look you want for any occasion- work or play. 

My personal shopping option is ideal for those looking to elevate their existing wardrobe with current looks

My end goal is to curate and personalize a wardrobe that keeps "you" feeling like "you," while adding that extra flare we all seek when trying to look our best.

The personal shopping option consists of:


  • A sit down with you where we focus on your main shopping goals
  • Create our individualized program, factoring in your current closet inventory in order to pinpoint exactly what needs updating.
  • Then we go shopping!

For the Little ones: Kid's styling


Whether they’re moving up to a new grade or just a new size, I can make shopping for kids easy and economical using the same easy process as adult styling with a focus on your child’s specific activities in mind.


Macho Makeover: Styling for Men


Men, we know shopping is an arduous task for you. Let Closet Couture LA takes the pain out of your least favorite past time, shopping and organizing.  We can help you develop your personal style, both business and casual, with ease.


Out of Town: Suitcase Packing


Do you tend to over pack or have trouble deciding on what to take on your trip? Closet Couture LA takes the pain out of choosing the best clothing and accessories for your trip. We'll consolidate your wardrobe into a mix-and-match group of outfits so that you can dress yourself with confidence while you're away.


Seasonal Maintenance


Are you prepared for a change in weather? My seasonal maintenance option will keep you a step ahead of mother nature, as well as, look your best in the latest seasonal fashions.