Andrea Frye knows style. As owner of Closet Couture Los Angeles, this former fashion buyer, boutique owner and celebrity stylist can transform anyone’s closet—no matter how cluttered—into tip-top shape. Frye will go through your closet’s contents, weed out the unused and unnecessary items and find hidden gems you may have overlooked. With your personal styling goals in mind, Frye will maximize your closet, rearranging clothing and accessories to create a more efficient space. Old items will be donated or sold on consignment. And to round out your wardrobe, you’ll get an itemized shopping list with recommended brands and retail outlets. Get ready to rock a fresh, new look.
— Maya Meinert, Gilt City Editor
Andrea is amazing at what she does. Not only is she friendly and personable, she is easy to work with. From her suggestions to ideas, she is highly organized and the final product is everything you want and more!! She has turned my closets into efficient, functional yet beautiful and fun spaces. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Nicole Davis
Andrea’s help in editing my wardrobe and reorganizing my closet, has been nothing short of life changing for me. It used to take me so long to figure out what to wear, and now it’s less than two minutes. She organized it in a way I thought I wasn’t going to be used to, but it was so smart, and so well thought out - that I was an instant convert to her method. I also appreciated her honesty in editing, what was good, what needed to go, and how to put pieces of clothing together in ways I hadn’t thought of. Cannot recommend her highly enough, and actually will be using her again this month, as it’s time for another edit and slight organization
— Kathy Leeds
After Andrea transformed my wife Kathy’s closet, I thought I should give it a try as well. It wasn’t an idea that had ever occurred to me, but when I saw my wife’s side of the closet, I wanted something similar. Andrea helped me so much, she understood that I had certain ways that I wanted to maintain, and worked within that. But also, she did change some of the organization and I’m so happy with it. So easy for me to find things. With her help, I got rid of a lot of things that I’d be holding onto and never wore anymore. It’s been truly transformative.
— David Leeds
Andrea’s unique ability to analyze my style and needs make her an amazing personal shopper. I rely on her taste and opinions of trends to help shape and elevate my wardrobe with each new season. Whether it be picking out the perfect t shirt or formal dress, she makes me look like the best version of myself… EVERY TIME!
— Dania Bengharsa
When I go shopping with Andrea, I feel like I’m spending the afternoon with a good friend. Someone I can open up to and talk about things beyond fashion. She is funny, happy-go-lucky, sweet, smart, and incredibly organized. She truly understands fashion, and has the ability to find outfits and pieces that complete my wardrobe. Every time we go shopping, I feel like I’m double dipping. I’m getting my retail therapy in and an awesome life coach. I love my time with Andrea.
— Jason Rosenwach
Andrea is my “angel from heaven”! She helped me transform my closet from absolute chaos to amazingly organized. Getting ready in the morning is so much easier and efficient. In addition, I loved hanging out with her - she’s funny, sweet, and down-to-earth. You need this woman in your life!
— Heather Wilson
Andrea helped me with my closet organization and personal styling for over 6 years. It’s like having the best day shopping with your best friend!
My initial meeting was for closet re-organization. Andrea helped me de-clutter bags of clothes and accessories. She organized and maximized my closet space and made it SO easy for me to throw an outfit together.
We then took it to the next level with shopping trips for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. I find it more economical to do the one hit than to go constantly in and out of shops, making mistakes with the wrong purchases.
I really value shopping with Andrea and trust her selections. She really has her finger on the fashion/style pulse and has introduced me to many great basic chic and affordable brands. She encourages the right splurge investments and enables me to express my personal style with confidence.
— Nicole Street
Andrea is a girl of many talents and working with her is a dream! She’s authentic and has incredible instinct. She has a gift for knowing what you need before you do! Andrea cares very much about the people she works with and takes on clients that she truly believes in. She has a very wide depth of knowledge when it comes to fashion and it’s wonderfully reassuring to know that so long as she is around, style is one less thing I have to think about!
— Kate Dudley